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to pay for health care too because everyone will be clumped together under obama care. older americans will see the prmiums go don, but younger people have to pay more, especially true if u'rea young man since obamacare doesn't allow women to be charge more as they are now. another reason for igh health care costs could also be risin salaries. the medical profession takes up 14 of th top 15 paid jobs in america. that list in tonight's top five. number five, general internist. there are more than 45,000 in the u.s., and the average pay? almost $192,000 a year. number four, oral surgeons, far fewer in the country, less than 5,000, and they make $216,000 a year. number three, ob/gyns, 21,000 lady docs make $104 an hour or nearly $217,000. general surgeons, like on grey's anatomy, 4 # ,000-plus bringing in 1100 an hour for a salary of $23 #1,000 a year. number one, highest paid job in america? an thesologist at a salary of $233,000. clearly, i went into the wrong profeson. now, the worst paying job in, me than 13,000 in th eaning $9 an hour for a full-time salary of less than $19,000 a yea
next. the irs is in charge of an awful lot of the implementation of obama care. the irs has been given enhanced powers under obama care to look at people's returns to determine who should get what type of subsidies. this is going to undermine a lot of already troubled implementation of obama care. i predict he invests the next legislative fight, the president is going to want to defend the irs and is going to be in a very weak position to do so. >> do you agree, paul? >> i do. i will say the vast majority of people who work for the irs are honorable people. they do a job that is essential to a free society and yet of course we all hate it. and keep in mind it was only a few years ago in austin texas an irs office was attacked by some nut in an airplane who crashed into the irs office. so i would not want anybody to start to denigrate career professionals 99% of whom do a fine job but it is especially damaging when this happens in a democratic administration. i know life is not fair. it was jfk a democratic president who said that. in the bush administration the irs was aaccused of targ
and corporations do. of course, none of them want to start or be in charge of a company because they are lazy idiots, like obama. that is the stupidest president i have ever seen in my life. he is a moron. the only thing stupider is what a crooked, conniving, evil he is. if the employees want overtime, just like they ask the the votes so that he can murder the black babies. host: i will stop it there, you are crossing the line. florida, good morning. caller: i would like to comment, i have comp time. i had a physician for 27 years with the government. i had a position -- i had a position for 27 years with the government. and i was never given the comp time. isconcern is that there already a lot on the books called fair labor standards act passed in 1938. this new bill being introduced, i am confused how it will work. if so, people who are not unionized have no recourse. host: as the bill states, it gives the employee the choice to overt, time -- comp time overtime pay. many democrats say the employer will seek it out as a way to offset their bottom line. caller: what they do is they tell you
now. >> piers, thanks, good evening, everyone. out rage at the obama administration's justice department. today, we learned they had secretly collected telephone records of reporting and editors at the associated press. two months worth. the a.p. calls it an unprecedented intrusion. this on top of charges that the irs is targeting conservative groups. >>> also a gunman opens fire at a mother's day parade, wounding 19 people, three of them critically. the shootings caught on tape. the gunman or gunmen still at large. just ahead, we talk to an eyewitness who believes the gunman was standing right next to him during the shooting. >>> we begin in west cleveland, where exactly one week ago tonight, a nightmare ended for three missing women. tonight, we have video showing part of that rescue. it shows police rushing into the house on seymour avenue just minutes after amanda berry was freed by neighbors who heard her screams. police found two other missing women inside, michelle knight and gina dejesus. you can see amanda berry is in the street, she's there with her 6-year-old daught
showing that he is in charge and the malcolm jenkins are completely irrelevant in syria. which is important. hezbollah, protecting hasan and he is actually hanging on. >> the loser, barack obama. i think even more eric holder. he has got a scandal on his hands with the a.p. dragnet. his answer is i have no idea. i recused myself i don't know where. it all happened while i was having a sandwich. >> bret: winners and losers? >> why winner is senator bob menendez of new jersey who as you may recall a little while ago seemed to be on the way out been with hookers. et cetera, et cetera. now it turns out that the fbi is entertaining the theory that he really was smeared by political enemies and that's what they're investigating. so he may actually wind up on top. my loser has got to be the irs. you couldn't get any worse for them and then they have this brutal hearing on capitol hill today. they can't catch a break. >> bret: quickly steve? >> overcomplicating this. the winners is any republican thinking for running for irs 2014 and 2016. the loser clearly if ever there was a week he
for extraout any raising new questions how deep the scandal reaches into the obama administration and in the white house. i'll gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> arthel: the news about the comes as irs commissioner sara up gram that once headed up the office is now charged are in charge of overseeing obamacare. >> reporter: democrats say it was a group within the tax exempt division that sara ingraham had had eded that targeted conservative groups. that she was not involved. the republicans are dubious and say, sara ingraham certainly be headed up the much larger job of implementing obamacare. but she is. she is in charge of the new health insurance and new fines associated with obamacare. that worries some in the g.o.p. >> so she provided horrendous customer service under her watch and now she is going to do the same implementing obamacare -- swel l. this is perfect example why we need tax reform. >> reporter: at a hearing on the irs scandal yesterday, the outgoing irs commissioner steven miller who was fired because of the scandal came to ingraham's defens
of the obama administration. now, they want to be in charge of our health cagive me a break. i don't think so. members, this is your chance. this is your chance to weigh in on the irs scandal. a vote to repeal is a vote to stop the irs. voting to keep obamacare is a vote to empower the irs. the choice is easy. vote take power away from the irs. >> the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from michigan. >> i yield two minutes to the gentleman from texas. >> thank you. i rise today in opposition to the patient right to repeal act. like a broken record, repeating the same old sad verse, these republicans cannot stop repeating their record of indifference to the healthcare crisis. they have given n pend replace because all they ever care about was the repeal part. the party of no, this year they have not advanced a single healthcare proposal as an alternative. i only wish that the affordable health care act were is good as they think it is bad. to the millions who have received refunds from insurance companies for overcharging, to the millions who are no longer denied coverage by the fine
's starting awfully early. just four months after inaugurati inauguration, president obama fending off questions about alleged wrong doing in his administration on two fronts. first, charges that irs staff targeted conservative groups before the last election. if true -- >> then that is outrageous, it is contrary to our traditions, and people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. >> reporter: that isn't enough to satisfy republican critics. on twitter, the rnc chairman slammed the president for failing to apologize or offer a plan to hold anyone accountable. the irs is set to release its own internal audit later this week, and it's classic obama to wait for that report before acting. >> we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. >> reporter: in the meantime, outrage grows. as does a second controversy, newly public revelations that the administration changed talking points about the attack that led to the death of four americans in benghazi. >> the whole issue of this talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a side show. >> reporter
a month for prescriptions under president obama's and law. they say states that are trying to keep premiums low are allowing insurers to charge patients a large share of the cost of expensive medicines known as peschel the drugs. a cancer patient in california could pay $2000 a month to take a cancer drug. a member of npr tweeds that britain's prime minister david cameron sees a real breakthrough on syria. we will hear more on this and other issues when the british leader joins president obama in a joint news conference at 11:15 a.m. eastern time today. here it on c-span radio or watch it on c-span. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. first first lady to earn a college degree, and during the civil war, soldiers serving under her husband called her the mother of the regiment. opposing slavery, she influences her husband to switch from the way party to the anti-slavery republican party. she held the first annual white house easter egg roll. wife of the 19th president rutherford b. hayes. we continue our series on first ladies with your questions and comments by ph
tonight. outrage at the obama administration's justice department. today we learned they had secretly collected telephone records of reporters and editors at the associated press, two months' worth. the a.p. calls it an unprecedented intrusion. this on top of charges that the irs is targeting conservative groups. >>> also a gunman opens fire at a mother's day parade, wounding 19 people, three of them critically. the shootings caught on tape. the gunman or gunmen still at large. just ahead, we talk to an
't think he served obama well. he's had four years. get the hell out. >> tina says there you go, bill. holder isn't in charge of handling the a.p. story. you sound like louie gohmert. at least you haven't cast any aspersions on hiss a pair grouse. -- asparagus. >> caller: i think you're totally wrong. first thing, i think the press has -- you know, they control the things and when the press says things and when they attack seems like you all attack the person that's attacking the press. they have should be investigating. if the government think that they're doing something that's wrong, they should be attacking. i don't understand why the president has a free hand to say anything they want do anything. they lie. but when they are attacked, seem like all y'all i'm surprised at you, truthfully. you sound more like a republican, you know, you do. you sound more like a republican -- >> bill: j.j., look, i make no apologies for standing up for the first amendment and standing up for the freedom of the press. remember what thomas jefferson said if i had to choose between a free government a
scandal to implementation of obama care. they say the irs can not be trusted to administer the tax breaks and credits included the health care overhaul. the official in charge of tax-exempt organizations during the time the irs targeted conservatives now runs the irs office responsible for health care. john, diana. >> thank you, n. >>> now, a man from former soviet republic of uzbekistan makes an appearance in fedel c to on tr ch to ise,h idaho, the 30-year-old man is accused of conspiring with a known terror group in his home country. prosecutors say he was involved in a scheme to use a weapon of mass destruction. >>> in the investigation of the boston marathon bombing, abc news has learned the fbi searched an apartment in manchester, new hampshire. the home of a former rebel leader from chechnya. the man admits to meeting with tamerlan tsarnaev, a month before the attack. but says he was not involved. also an official says the younger tsarnaev wrote anti-american rants on the inside of the boat where he was hiding from police. they include references to the wa nd an. >>> army officials
. and breaking news last night that the person that was in charge of the tax exempt area in the irs is now running obama care. it looks like they may have actually fired the wrong person at the irs, and the person responsible may have gotten a promotion. >> let me ask you this. steven miller, the ousted head of the irs will testify on capitol hill today. what would you ask him? >> i would ask what he knew and when he knew it and try to figure out -- in fact he may have been the fall guy. i would want to know where did this policy start? who talked about it first? how did it grow inside the organization? and i'd like to know who he spoke with in the administration? who else outside of the irs knew about this? the first story from the white house was this is just a field office in cincinnati, a bunch of low-level employees. we found out later, that ub just wasn't true. >> during the press conference, the president supported eric holder the attorney general. is holder's job safe in your opinion? >> it certainly is. the president will stay with eric holder until the end. eric holder has been u
lawmaker today introduced a bill that would block the irs from enforcing obama care. we're expecting another vote to repeal obama care. that won't be signed by the president or passed in the senate. it's a sign the tea party is back in charge. >> michele bachmann has taken a relatively low key stance over the past few months. all of a sudden, she's coming out. >> that's right. our dana bash had to chase her down the hallway recently to get an answer from her on a particular story. take a look at that event that happened earlier today. mitch mcconnell, rand paul, ted cruz, other top republicans on capitol hill were at that tea party news conference. if this news conference had taken place two weeks ago before this irs scandal, i doubt very much any of those lawmakers would have been there. this has changed the game for the tea party. >> certainly has. jim acosta, good report. >>> on a day when a suicide car bombing in kabul, afghanistan, killed at least 12 people including six americans, there's simmering anger on capitol hill over several aspects of u.s. policy towards afghanistan, e
profiling scandal. president obama just weighed in saying if anyone at the tax agency did target conservative groups for extra scrutiny they would be held accountable. while the president is apparently outraged, there are charges that some of the news shows are skipping over. the irs0 story. there are even suggestion -dz suggestions of a double standard, take a listen. >> just imagine if the george w. bush administration heeds irs under links out in kings cincinnati saying we are going to target groups with the word progressive if their title, we would have all hell breaking loose. jon: let's talk about it with our fox news watch panel. jim pinkerton is contributing editor and writer for the american conservative magazine. alan colmes is host of the alan colmes show and the author of thank the liberals for saving america. a lot people may have spent the weekend hunting down mother's day cards and red roses and may not be entirely aware of what i is going on. the irs was apparently in the wake of this citizens united decision when lots of groups are applying for tax exempt status
's a story that does partly involve president obama. i'll explain that in a minute. but first just consider what we've learned in the last few days. on wednesday an army lieutenant colonel in charge of the sexual harassment and assault program at fort campbell, kentucky was arrested for violating an order of protection and stalking against his ex-wife. day before that a coordinator for the sexual assault program in fort hood, texas is under investigation for sexual assault and forced prostitution. then there was last week when the chief of the air force sexual assault prevention and response branch was charged with sexual assault of a woman in a parking lot in virginia. these incidents follow a high-profile case from february in which an air force commander used his authority to nullify a military jury sexual assault conviction even though his own legal counsel advised him to let the verdict to stand. he had reasonable doubt about the defendant's guilt. president obama comes in here. advocates for sexual assault victims are calling on the president to dismiss franklin but so far obama has t
't be charged more than three times what younger people can be charged. we all know that, as we age, we utilize more health care services. but here again, younger americans are being asked to eln obamacare. one way to look at it is the obama administration has decided that the purchase of an expensive, government-approved product sold by certain private companies is a condition of american citizenship. you're an american citizen if you live here, you have to buy it. if you don't, you pay the penalty. that is one example of crony capitalism. private companies are turning to de facto public utilities, and americans are forced to buy their products. but only those products approved by the regulators here in washington. it's the ultimate marriage of big business and big government. and it's bad for the american taxpayer. now secretary is h sebelius hase a step further. she's using her leverage and her power as a regulator over private companies to force them to fund obamacare. we all see what's going on here. secretary sebelius is making the health care industry an offer they can't refuse. after al
with you? well it stopped with her before that. she was directly in charge of these rules, of this targeting, what did she get? bonuses? and moved to a job. you know what her job is now? she's coordinating section 1414 of obama kiar. what is that -- obamacare. that is the provision that says there is an exemption or an exception to disclosure of tax information. what is that? that means the treasury can share your tax information with hhs for the purposes of implementing obamacare to see whether you have got a really expensive health care plan or what you. it is right there in section 1414. she provided horrendous customer service under her watch and now she is going to do the same implementing obamacare. swell. this is the perfect, this is a perfect example why we need tax reform. if you want to diminish and limit the power of the irs, you've got to reduce the complexity of the tax code. and take them out of it. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you. mr. renacci. recognized forefive minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. as a cpa who representing many taxpayers in the last
the republicans since they are in charge of all of the investigations. >> stephanie: exactly. that story gets lost in the whole thing. thank god cnn got the actual emails. >> caller: right, but don't you think before obama ever answers another question from the guy who asked him if he has enough juice that he should apologize. >> stephanie: yeah i agree. steve go ahead. >> caller: i am hearing a lot of comments about republicans now calling themselves libertarians and would like to know what you and the mooks think about that first. >> stephanie: well, if you look at the approval ratings for republicans, i can see why they want to call themselves anything else. >> yes. >> stephanie: speaking of polling. ♪ >> a new poll as i mentioned earlier, the period from just before last week's benghazi hearing and just after, hilary's approval rating has gone up from 51% to 52%. and showed secretary clinton maintaining her huge lead -- >> huge! >> stephanie: among the 2016 democratic field. >> that's why she is going to jail! >> stephanie: yeah, unless she's in jail over something.
Search Results 150 to 170 of about 171 (some duplicates have been removed)